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This course is currently under rewrite by Land SAR and will be available again soon, we are still taking forward bookings so feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries 06 3798600.

Welcome to our Helicopter Safety Training courses. Here, we provide industry-standard training for NZQA Unit Standards 423, ‘Work with Helicopters’ and 20388 ‘, Work with Aircraft at Emergency Incidents.’

Our courses are designed to meet the increasing need for official helicopter safety training for staff working within government departments, local councils, forestry, fire and emergency, government contractors, and utility providers.


About our instructor

 Our lead tutor Jason Diedrichs holds a certificate in adult education and training - level 4, which allow us to deliver the NZQA unit Standards; he is also the Co-Director, Chief Pilot, and Operations Manager for a busy commercial helicopter company

Course Overview

Our training comprises both theory and practical flight components. Students gain in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in various safety aspects, including:

  • Landing site management
  • Loading and unloading passengers and freight
  • Survival procedures
  • Communication with the pilot and crew
  • Understanding and considering climatic conditions and hazards around the helipad

The training can be conducted in your local area to help minimise staff travel costs and accommodation. We also offer the flexibility to complete multiple components in a single day to minimise disruption to work time.


NZQA Unit Standards 423 & 20388

The NZQA Unit Standards 423 ‘Work with Helicopters’ and 20388 ‘Work with Aircraft at Emergency Incidents’ is a full-day course, divided into a half-day theory and a practical flight component in the afternoon.

Please call 06 3798600 for current per student course cost.

Sling Load Training Course

For those involved with the clipping on and releasing of sling-loaded materials or equipment, we offer a sling-load training course. Please call 06 3798600 for current per student course cost.

Despite not having a unit standard at this point, those who have completed this course have found it immensely valuable in improving safety while undertaking this type of operation.


Custom Training Component

We offer training tailored to specific client needs, including:

  • Lifting operations and making up of underslung loads
  • Wild Animal Control
  • Human Sling operations
  • Wire pulling & Pole placing
  • Hover load and unload of personnel
  • Remote Operations
  • Concrete and Metal operations

Course Capacity & Availability

Our instructors prefer a class size of up to 10 students. However, we can accommodate a few more if necessary.

Please note that as a fully commercial operation, our availability can be limited during the busier summer months.

Students may need to be flexible with weather conditions for the practical flight component of the course.


Importance of Refresher Courses

While not mandatory, we highly recommend bi-annual refresher courses to mitigate risks and maintain safety standards, especially for those not working with helicopters regularly.

For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to providing you with the best industry-standard helicopter safety training.

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